Preserve your hearing with our Earwax Cleaning Drops!

Why to use our Drops?

Wax blockage is one of the most common causes of hearing damage. Earwax is a natural barrier that protects the ear but if it builds up more than it should, we have to remove it manually. Our Earwax Cleaning Drops will make this process as easy as washing your face. Forget the cotton swabs that can cause more damage than good by pushing the wax deeper into the ear canal, causing a blockage.

How to take care of the blockage with the drops


Use the drops to soften the earwax

Often times flushing is used as a last resort. Unfortunately, the use of cotton swabs compacts the blockages and makes the use of drops much needed. It is also a much better approach to use ear drops to soften the wax prior to irrigation.

What are the benefits?

Safe and quick

All the ingredients work together safely to dissolve your wax, and clean the ear canal, and the dual-action mechanism is what sets us apart from the rest. The earwax dissolves in about 15 minutes from the drops and then it's easily removed with the picks.

Dual action formula

Our product is designed to work quickly to clean away your wax. The dual-action formula is the reason for this scientific advancement. One part of our formula is designed to target the oils in the ear canal, and the second part help break the waxy buildup.

Save time and money

One of the major benefits of using the earwax kit is the money and time you can save. Instead of having to go to a specialist and pay to have an unpleasant procedure to remove the earwax, you can safely and pleasantly do it from the comfort of your home.

Earwax Cleaning Drops

  • About our product:
  • Everything you need for ear cleaning is included
  • Works better than any other ear wax remover
  • Provides the most effective cleaning
  • You can do this yourself at home
  • Simple to use
  • Price: € 13.99


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